My Participant

IRONMAN 70.3 Half Race in Muscat, Oman 2023

Exceptional and special experience! After a long break from races for a year, I came back strong and took part in IRONMAN 70.3. That experience was a real challenge for me, but it was beautiful and inspiring. I had many difficulties during the race, starting with the swimming phase which was difficult due to the changing state of the sea. And going through the bike phase, where the temperature was too high, I wasn’t quite prepared for the highland-related challenges in the race. Down to the running phase, where the temperature rose more and more. There was a big challenge for me to move forward and complete the race and get to the finish line. What I particularly liked about this race is that I was able to come back after a long period of injuries, and I was able to finish the race without any injuries or muscle dams. This was the real success for me. I am proud to have achieved this achievement and overcome the challenges I have faced. I learned a lot from this experience and gained new strength. I will continue to work to improve myself and face more challenges in the future. Thank God for this opportunity and the ability to participate and excel in this race

IRONMAN Race in Hamburg, Germany 2021

this inspiring photo, I see myself participating in the Iron Man race in Hamburg, Germany in 2021. It embodies the spirit of adventure and challenge that made this race one of the most beautiful experiences I had in IRONMAN. It starts from my eyes of enthusiasm and strong determination, expressing my readiness to face the heavy distances represented by 3.8 kM swimming in the lake, 180 kM cycling, and 42 kM for running. They were unique challenges, but I enjoyed every moment and was ready to overcome them. The image shows the stunning start in Lake Hamburg, where it surrounds the beauty of nature and the splendor of waterscapes. It was a joyful start full of hope and suspense, which clearly appears on my face. When I moved to the outer countryside of Hamburg in the cycling phase, I felt indescribable happiness to experience the picturesque nature and the amazing sights I went through. I was able to immerse yourself in natural beauty and absorb every moment of experience. But in the run phase, I faced an unexpected challenge in the form of injury. However, I refused to give up and exceeded my personal limits. With dedication and strong will, she was able to overcome pain and suffering and continued to run towards the finish line. Due to good preparation and consistent determination, I was able to overcome all the challenges and conclude the race.

30k race 2021

This picture reflects my personal achievement in the 30 km race in Canada. It was a really amazing and inspiring experience. I have talked about the challenges of the long distance and the hardships that I faced on the way, but thanks to my education and good training, I managed to overcome all these difficulties. The racing atmosphere was full of enthusiasm and encouragement, especially from the enthusiastic fans. The cold weather gave the race a special and motivating atmosphere. The light rain and clouds that you imagine in the background add a magical touch to the picture. Finishing the race and reaching the finish line inside the stadium is a huge achievement for me. I was very proud to represent the State of Qatar in this important race that celebrates its 125th anniversary. It is an unforgettable personal achievement for me. I would like to thank all those who helped and supported me throughout this experience, because of them I was able to achieve this milestone. I enjoyed every moment of this race, and I will treasure it forever.

Open Water Swimming Race 2021

It was a really cool and exciting experience! I enjoyed a great deal participating in the open water swimming race in Qatar. A sense of challenge and excitement filled every stage of the competition. The beginning of swimming from Al-Safliya Island was exciting and amazing, and I will never forget the beauty of the landscapes that I witnessed while swimming. The weather was perfect, and the clouds and light rain added a magical effect to the experience. There was nothing more beautiful than the feeling of cool water surrounding me as I swam as drops fell from the sky. This atmosphere added to the excitement of the race and made me feel excited and energetic. All in all, this race in Qatar was an unforgettable experience for me. Her ability to make me feel energized, excited, enjoy the beauty of nature and the power of challenge. It reminds me of my ability to achieve goals and overcome difficulties.

IRONMAN 70.3 RACE IN Turkey 2021

In this photo, I am the exceptional athlete who shines in participation in IRONMAN 70.3 Race. With features full of confidence and enthusiasm, I wear a sports uniform that reflects my determination and good preparation for this huge challenge. Determination and determination are manifested in my eyes, as I transcend boundaries and challenge difficulties to succeed. My body language refers to my physical and mental strength, as my tired body has been through the challenges of the long distance of the race. Happiness and satisfaction are reflected in my face, I have been able to achieve a great achievement and exceed my personal expectations. Thanks to determination and hard training, I was able to overcome the barrier of pain and fatigue, turning them into a driving force to reach the finish line. This image highlights the spirit of adventure and challenge embraced by the person pursuing their goals. The image embodies my personal success story and strong sportsmanship, and always reminds me that as long as the will is strong and the goal is clear, I can achieve anything in life.

IRONMAN 70.3 race in Muscat, Oman

felt proud and happy when I saw my picture in an IRONMAN 70.3 race in Muscat. It was an unforgettable experience for me, this was my first participation in a race of this kind. I was very excited to take on challenges and discover my new strengths and abilities. I felt excited and stressed at the start of the competition, but those sensations quickly turned into focus and endurance. The stage of swimming in the sea was a stressful start, but I enjoyed feeling the water around me and defying the waves. The cycling phase was really an amazing challenge, especially with the high altitudes facing us. And as I was tired of climbing, I didn’t lose confidence in my ability to get to the end. I had the determination and determination to reach my goal. The running phase was a challenge due to the high heat, but I raised my head and faced the challenge. I enjoyed the great sights of Muscat while running, and felt the spirit of competition and motivation.

multiples Triathlons race in Canada 2020

2020 was a year full of challenges and opportunities, and participating in triathlons in Canada was an unforgettable experience. I've competed in multiple distances, from the sprint to the Olympic Destin and the Long Destin. These experiences have been a beautiful learning for me in the world of triathlon.
Through these races, I enjoyed the beautiful landscapes of Canada and discovered the beauty of the city of Toronto. These trips gave me the opportunity to enjoy the diversity of nature and the culture of the country. The triathlon experience increased my experience in the field of challenge and learning, and gave me an opportunity to develop and grow as an athlete.
By the grace of God, I was able to complete all the races and reach the finish line. It was a wonderful and inspiring experience for me, and it will remain a beautiful memory that will accompany me throughout my life. I am proud of what I have achieved and of the challenges I have overcome.
I will continue to enjoy my journey in the world of triathlons and challenge races. I will continue to achieve more goals.


Picture of my participation in the IRONMAN 70.3 Race in Marrakech, Morocco in 2019. The distance traveled included 1,900 meters of swimming, 90 kilometers of cycling, and 21 kilometers of running. The race started swimming in the lake, and the water was very cold. Then we moved on to the cycling phase, and the road was inappropriate for this type of race, with many height challenges. However, I was able to complete the cycling phase without crashes. Then the running phase began, and the running atmosphere was very beautiful. However, the challenge lay in high and hot weather conditions. Thanks to God, I was able to reach the finish line. That precious experience I gained from pervious IRONMAN races helped me achieve this achievement. It was undoubtedly a wonderful experience, and I will keep her beautiful memories and the challenges she passed in my heart forever

IRONMAN race in Kopenhagen, Denmark 2019

This photo depicts my participation in the Iron Man race in copenhagen Denmark. This was my first participation in such a arduous distance, as the distance included 3,800 meters of swimming, 180 kilometers of cycling, and 42 kilometers of running. The atmosphere was perfect and very beautiful, and the race was a big challenge for me, especially in my first experience with this type of race. But the special thing was the presence of encouraging fans throughout the race and the beautiful views of the city of copenhagen that added beauty to the experience. The atmosphere was full of enthusiasm and challenge that was great for me. But thanks to God, I was able to reach the finish line. I felt proud and happy to achieve this achievement which was a dream for me and became a reality. It was a great feeling and I will keep this beautiful memory in my heart.

Ooredoo Marathon 2018

I am very proud to have participated in the Ooredoo Marathon 2018. This was my first marathon experience, and it was an unforgettable adventure. Even though I wasn't quite ready physically, I decided to take on the challenge and push my limits.
While racing, I faced real hardships and challenges. I didn't feel at my best physically, but I had no choice but to push forward and take on the challenge. The atmosphere was great and exciting, and the desire to reach the finish line kept me going.
When I reached the finish line, I felt real joy and accomplishment. Against all odds, I was able to surpass myself and overcome the challenge. This race will not be the last for me, but rather the beginning of my participation in the upcoming marathons.

Half Marathon in Toronto Canada 2018

This image embodies my participation in the 21km marathon script race in the Toronto area of Canada. It was a unique experience for me, especially since I live in a country famous for rising temperatures, but this race brought me a new challenge in the face of cold. The temperature is close to zero, but I enjoyed the experience of running in this refreshing atmosphere. I loved the atmosphere of this race, as well as the number of participants and the amazing organization of the event. It was extraordinary moments, the charming landscapes of Toronto that I saw during my race added to the beauty of the moment. That scenic look along the track was an inspiration and motivation to move forward. This image embodies the strength and determination it showed during the race. It reminds me of the spirit of challenge, winning difficulties and enjoying the moment. I am proud to have participated in this wonderful race and look forward to new challenges and upcoming adventures in the world of sports.


A picture of my participation in the BARRELMAN NIAGARA FALLS 2018, which is a race similar to the Ironman 70.3 race in terms of distances. This was a very nice experience, especially since it was in Canada. This was the first race I was prepared for with my coach.
That experience carried many challenges and physical and psychological requirements. I focused my efforts on preparing and training well for this race, and I was very excited to take on the new challenges.
The photo captures a special moment of my participation in this amazing race. This photo reminds me of the grit and persistence it took to get to the finish line. It is a valuable image that holds special meaning for me as a racer, and embodies the hard work and intense preparation that I have put in for this race that I love so much.

Theeb race 2018

A picture of my participation in Theeb Desert Race in Qatar. It is one of the well-known races in the region and this was my first experience in such races. The distance traveled was 25 kilometers. It was an amazing and challenging experience in the desert. I feel very proud to have completed this race and achieved this personal achievement. This image will always remind me of my first experience in desert racing and my ability to endure and overcome challenges. It is a valuable and distinctive image that carries a lot of courage and determination.

IRONMAN 70.3 in Sri Lanka 2018

The picture shows my participation in the IRONMAN 70.3 Race in Sri Lanka, which is your first race in the world of Iron Man. It turns out I had the 1900m swim phase, then the 90km bike phase, and finally the 21km run phase. I did this first experience without a trainer, and it was very hot. However, by the grace of God, I was able to reach the finish line and complete the race in a time of 6 hours 51 minutes 24 seconds (6:51:24). For sure, it was a unique experience for me, and it will remain a strong and important memory in my career as an athlete. This photo carries my memories of challenging and overcoming odds.