I am passionate about endurance sports.

Since 2016, I have immersed myself in the world of endurance sports and proudly persevered. Endurance sports, to me, represent a type of physical activity that requires the ability to withstand physical and mental pressures over long periods of time. From triathlons and marathons to long-distance cycling races, I have overcome numerous challenges and discovered hidden abilities in this exhilarating field. Endurance sports enhance my endurance capacity, improve my mental and physical health, and provide me with inspiration and motivation to achieve my personal goals while cultivating resilience and patience in my daily life. I am proud of my journey in the world of endurance and I am ready for more upcoming challenges and victories. With the help of God, I am here, continuing to embrace the spirit of adventure and challenge in endurance sports.

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A Training Certificate From TRISUTTO

I have successfully obtained a certified training certificate from TRISUTTO Professional Triathlon Training. In this certificate, I have learned a great deal of important information related to coaching and player development. I have gained a comprehensive understanding of Tristos training philosophy and the scientific approach to designing structured training programs. Additionally, I have learned how to effectively train swimming, cycling, and running, as well as how to improve athletes fitness levels while minimizing the risk of injuries. I have also learned how to create a comprehensive plan for an Ironman competition. I faced a significant challenge in this program, which involved creating a training schedule for a professional athlete preparing for a Half Ironman race. With the help and guidance of the coaches on-site, I was able to overcome this challenge and develop a 15-week (3 months) training schedule. I am grateful to God for this opportunity and extremely thankful to Tristo Professional Triathlon Training for providing me with the knowledge and necessary skills to enhance myself as a certified coach.

Last Chanlenges

IRONMAN 70.3 Half Race in Muscat, Oman 2023

Exceptional and special experience! After a long break from races for a year, I came back strong and took part in IRONMAN 70.3. That experience was a real challenge for me, but it was beautiful and inspiring. I had many difficulties during the race, starting with the swimming phase which was difficult due to the changing state of the sea. And going through the bike phase, where the temperature was too high, I wasn’t quite prepared for the highland-related challenges in the race. Down to the running phase, where the temperature rose more and more. There was a big challenge for me to move forward and complete the race and get to the finish line. What I particularly liked about this race is that I was able to come back after a long period of injuries, and I was able to finish the race without any injuries or muscle dams. This was the real success for me. I am proud to have achieved this achievement and overcome the challenges I have faced. I learned a lot from this experience and gained new strength. I will continue to work to improve myself and face more challenges in the future. Thank God for this opportunity and the ability to participate and excel in this race

Last Chanlenges

IRONMAN Race in Hamburg, Germany 2021

this inspiring photo, I see myself participating in the Iron Man race in Hamburg, Germany in 2021. It embodies the spirit of adventure and challenge that made this race one of the most beautiful experiences I had in IRONMAN. It starts from my eyes of enthusiasm and strong determination, expressing my readiness to face the heavy distances represented by 3.8 kM swimming in the lake, 180 kM cycling, and 42 kM for running. They were unique challenges, but I enjoyed every moment and was ready to overcome them. The image shows the stunning start in Lake Hamburg, where it surrounds the beauty of nature and the splendor of waterscapes. It was a joyful start full of hope and suspense, which clearly appears on my face. When I moved to the outer countryside of Hamburg in the cycling phase, I felt indescribable happiness to experience the picturesque nature and the amazing sights I went through. I was able to immerse yourself in natural beauty and absorb every moment of experience. But in the run phase, I faced an unexpected challenge in the form of injury. However, I refused to give up and exceeded my personal limits. With dedication and strong will, she was able to overcome pain and suffering and continued to run towards the finish line. Due to good preparation and consistent determination, I was able to overcome all the challenges and conclude the race.

future ambition

I have an ambition that I am working hard on, which is to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii

My Aspirations

I look forward to seeing sports and Qatari athletes in leadership, through Shedding light on the Qatari and Arab champions in endurance sport and discussing with them their experiences of local competitions and ways of preparing to participate in competitions and talking about their lives in this field in addition to hosting a feed and extension in this field.